Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kathy adds a new SOSA member

Olga reports the great news of a new addition to the Burany and the SOSA family. Kathryn and Carl would like to introduce the newest SOSA member..Lauren Elizabeth Burany Huntsman...a perfect little pilot..she soared right into the world on June 14th at 12:50 pm..weighting in at 6.12 oz and 21 inches long...Parents and grandparents are all doing very well!!!
We hope show off little Lauren at he Nats in a few weeks time!!"

Update fom Olga at June 18th
Kathryn is doing just wonderfully...she is very relaxed with the baby and still has her great sense of humour when I asked her how much sleep they actually got last night...not much but it will get better..was her reply...Carl is a big help...he diapers and burps and walks with Lauren...Kathryn is hoping to get to the field during the Nats. We went for a walk was two days she could get use to being outside...very cute.