Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aerobatic program attracts a visitor

The now famed and unique Canadian experience, the SOSA aerobatic program, is getting attention far and wide. Last weekend a student from the Quebec gliding club L'Association de vol à voile Champlain paid us a visit. Simon-Pierre, a young 21 year old student arrived by bus (a 10 hour ride) from Montreal on Friday evening and had arranged to take aerobatic instruction from the only Canadian club offering this type of flying. That shows some dedication.

Although the weather was pretty awful Saturday, Pat O’Donnell was very kind and took Simon-Pierre to the flight history museum in Hamilton. By Saturday evening the weather suddenly cleared and at about 7 pm Scott got the DG505 out of the hangar and on the flight line. Andrea jumped in the back seat and Scott in the tow plane and a couple of flights later Simon Pierre had a smile on his face.

Lorna and Terry entertained him later to a quiet dinner and a nice chat and about midnight Simon Pierre camped out at the clubhouse. Sunday was great and Joe gave Simon Pierre another 3 instruction flights before the rain set in again in the afternoon. What a great weekend for this visitor.

Simon –Pierre has been flying for only 4 seasons at his club but had earned a license from cadets over 9 years ago and he has a power license. He is studying to be an aircraft technician at Ecole Nationale Aerotechniique where he in his first year. Scott and Andrea are visiting Montreal to compete in power aerobatics and I’m sure they’ll look up Simon Pierre.