Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Flying on the 18th

With a frozen runway and some brisk winds from the north, we took to the skies again today. The photo above shows our CFI John Brennan and Dave Springford about to embark on a check flight. During this flight we were able to climb to 5000 ' with about 3 kts average and the vario indicating up to 6 kts at times. What was remarkable is that it was 1140 am (1040 sun time!). It is not often that conditions are as strong that early in the day during the summer.
Sassy also enjoyed her first flying day at SOSA taking her normal spot supervising from the Gator. She is very sensitive about the red coat - so don't bring it up - it is hard enough to get her to wear it, but at least it keeps her warm.
Terry McElligot soaring in ICQ. Note the altimeter reads 4250 ' and the vario is showing 4 kts. Also of note is the position of the yaw string. While many may think that Terry is flying uncoordinated, in fact, he is applying an appropriate amount of slip into the turn - a well recognized thermalling technique - and yes it is meant to increase the climb rate. There have been several papers published on this subject.

Of course a flying day is never complete without the post-flight gathering in the clubhouse over a bottle of Sleeman's finest.