Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Work Weekend

Another successful work weekend was held this past weekend with about 60 members helping out over the two days. Many thanks to those who chose to help the club prepare for the season.

Angelo Savoia and crew lay a new sidewalk from the Clubhouse to the office trailer, while Andrew Parker and crew built a skirt around the office trailer

Meanwhile, at the hangar, another crew was busy preparing the aircraft. Luke Szczepaniak and Sergei Morozov installed the LX4000 flight computer in the Jantar, while John Brennan installed the new LX5000 in the LS4.

Joerg Stieber and crew vacuumed, cleaned and waxed the Blaniks, Puchacz and Junior, as well as the three towplanes. Pat O'Donnell and the Jurgensen clan also added their talents to the towplane cleaning crew.

Dan Bush re-installed the LX5000 in the DG 505 after having been removed for winter storage.

The grass cutting crew under the tutelage of Scott McMaster were given a briefing on the operation of both the tractors and mowers.

During the lunch break on Saturday, Anthony Kawzowicz was presented with the SAC Instructor of the year award for his efforts not only instructing, but also mentoring and working around the club throughout the season. Congratulations Anthony!

There are still many jobs that need to be completed to get the operation going.
LS4 - needs t0 be cleaned, waxed then rigged
DG505 - needs t0 be cleaned, waxed then rigged
Junior ZCA - needs t0 be cleaned and waxed
Clubhouse needs to be swept out and furniture needs to be vacuumed
The runways need to be rolled
The sidewalk to the office trailer needs to be finished
Please contact Herrie Ten Cate or Andrea Kuciak about the clubhouse and grounds or Alan Grant for Aircraft.