Monday, May 07, 2007

Meet Adam Oke - our Mid-week towpilot

Adam Oke is our mid-week towpilot for the season. Adam was a member of SOSA last year after having attended two Youth Camps at SOSA the previous years.

He is enrolled at the Huron Flight College where he completed his Commercial license this year. Adam earned both his Glider pilot license and Private license with the Air Cadets.

Adam is checked out in the Blaniks, Puch, Juniors and PW5 and has been signed out to carry intros. He also took his first flight in the 505 this weekend and you can still see the smile on his face in the picture above, taken many hours later!

He is now checked out to tow and is living in a trailer at SOSA in the North Campground. Look for his Black Hyundai station wagon beside the trailer closest to the entrance. So come'on out any day - Adam will be there to tow.