Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What happened at the MubBowl

The MudBowl was a great success this year. We had 18 contest pilots including many junior pilots. The weather wasn’t great with only one race day but we had a lot of fun. The BBQ organized by the Junior team was attended by more then 75 people. I’m sure knowing that Lynne Gough was baking desserts helped boost attendance. The winner for a second year in a row is Chris Gough flying 44 an LS8 that his dad generously lent him for the race. I wonder if Andy was worried about competing against Chris? It’s about time that a new pilot shows the old guard a thing or two. Great job Chris!

Our Contest Manger Dugald and his team did an excellent job running the contest. Malcolm managed to keep all pilots registered and had pink tickets ready every day. Neil kept the line organized and efficient in his typical nice and easy way. Dave and Luke worked hard scoring and Joerg provided great weather forecast. There was a late night bonfire on Saturday evening and movie night on Sunday.

Thanks for our visitors Ulli Werneburg and Ed Hollestelle for joining in the fun. We hope you’ll join us again next year.