Tuesday, September 18, 2007

16 Sept - A good day for SOSA on the OLC

The top four places on the Canadian OLC were taken by SOSA members this past saturday. Sergei Morozov flew 504 km, Joerg Steiber flew 491 km, Adam Zeiba flew 484 km and Dave Springford flew 438 km (455 with an additional turnpoint above the OLC limit). The day started early with Cu popping before 11 am and cloudbase and good lift to 5000 feet by 1130!

(click on the pics to enlarge)

The picture below shows the flight paths for the 4 flights.

Sergei in DW (light blue trace) flew first to the Bothwell area along Lake Erie, then back to SOSA, followed by Flesherton and then home.

Joerg in JS (green trace) flew to Priceville, Lucan, Hagersville, Guelph, Brantford then home.

Adam in POM (purple trace) flew to St Thomas, then Shelburne, Woodstock, New Hamburg, Brantford then home.

Dave in 2W (red trace) flew towards Priceville to intercept Joerg at Mount Forest, then Lucan, Hagersville, Reid's Field, Ayr, Guelph then home.