Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don in Vancouver

Don Plewes sent me this great shot of his new sport ... jumping off Grouse Mountain with nothing more than a tent over the head. I suspected that a western sabbatical might have rather unpredicatable results but the normally cautious Don has surpassed expectations! It must be the inspiring view.

Don writes (with my edits) that things have been going well here with lovely weather. Generally very sunny and pleasant temps. I attach a photograph from the top of Grousse Mountain ~4000' ASL ..... and stayed up for about 30 minutes getting good ridge lift. These things fly so slowly and and circle in very tight little regions of lift. The nearby crows and eagles where doing about the same size cirlces for their lift as they soared together. It was wonderful to see.

Don is spending a year away from SOSA as well as taking a break from his job as research scientist at Sunnybrook Hospital.